The 31st International Electric Vehicles Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 31) & International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2018 (EVTeC 2018)

Press Registration

Members of the press who wish to cover the 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition & International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2018 (EVS 31 & EVTeC 2018) are required to register in advance. Permission to cover this event will be granted only after acknowledgement of the following rules and regulations.

Registration for members of the press is free of charge. Although members of the press press are permitted to attend all sessions with the exception of the gala dinner, participation may be restricted depending on availability of space and security considerations. Thank you for your understanding.


Screening will be conducted to determine that members of the press are engaged in press activities based on documents submitted prior to the event. We will notify you of the results of the screening at a later date. You may be requested to submit additional documentation during the screening process. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Various information will be provided by the secretariat to members of the press who have registered in advance.

Advance Registration

Please submit your application for registration from the following registration screen. Please enter the required information and upload documents required for screening. An email confirming receipt of registration will automatically be sent to you.

Documents for Screening

Please upload the following documents for screening at the time that you register.

If you have a press pass

Copy of press pass (employee ID card)

If you do not have a press pass

Copies of 3 articles with by-line (for print media), or
Copies of documents or publications that verify your organization’s engagement in public relations activities and a copy of your ID card for the organization to which you belong.

Results of Screening

The results of screening will be sent by the secretariat to the email address you registered in about 10 working days.

Deadline for Advance Registration

The deadline for receipt of registration for the press before the meeting period is September 26 (Wed), 2018. Applications must arrive by this date. After the 27th, applications will be registered on the same day at the conference venue.

Overview of Same-Day Registration

The reception desk at the venue on the day of the event will open from September 30, 2018 on the first floor of the Kobe International Exhibition Hall No. 2 building. Please bring the email containing notification of the screening results, press card, and business card with you to the registration desk on the day of the event. You will be given a press ID and armband. Even if you have not registered in advance and must register on the day of the event, please note that screening will be conducted based on the same criteria as that required for advance registration. Members of the press that wish to submit an application for screening on the same day as the event should bring one of the documents listed in “Documents for Screening” indicated above.

Application for Press Registration

Requests After Coverage of the Event

Please send published articles to the secretariat after the exhibition, if they are posted or published in newspapers, magazines, or other types of media. If the event is scheduled to be broadcast on television, please inform the secretariat of schedule for when it will be aired. We apologize for the trouble and thank you for your consideration.

Address for Inquiries & Media Coverage

Secretariat for the 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition & International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2018 (EVS31 & EVTeC 2018)
c/o Convention Linkage
2 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075, Japan
Tel :(03)3263-8695 Fax:(03)3263-8693 E-mail:

Rules & Regulations on Coverage

I. General Provisions

  1. Members of the press are requested to follow the instructions of the secretariat for all press coverage related to this event, in addition to these provisions.
  2. In principle, coverage will not be permitted for events other than the program stipulated in these provisions.
  3. For individual coverage, please obtain consent directly from the speaker (presenter) you wish to interview in advance.
  4. Interviews and coverage of audience members (participants) is not permitted.
  5. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that coverage does not affect the progress of the event program.
  6. The use of photographed images, videos, and recorded data is prohibited other than that related to coverage of this event or for secondary use, such as reprints and broadcasts, without permission.

II. Registration

  1. Registration is free of charge.
  2. Members of the press must register advance according to the procedures stipulated by the secretariat. Members of the press must display the prescribed press ID and wear the armband so that it is easily visible when covering the event. Members of the press that do not display their ID and wear the armband will be refused entry to the event.
  3. Members of the press that have not registered will not be permitted to cover any part of the program.

III. Coverage

  1. In principle, photos, video recordings, and audio recordings of sessions are prohibited. This restriction does not apply in cases where permission has been obtained from the speaker (presenter). In cases where permission has been granted to take photos, video or audio recordings of an event, please also get permission from the Chair of the session.
  2. Please refrain from the use of strobe and battery lights during the lectures. Please check with staff at each session about the use of tripods, etc.
  3. Individual photos may only be taken with the consent of the subject.
  4. Members of the press are permitted to take photos in areas around the reception desk and the overall view of the venue.
  5. When covering the exhibition, please obtain consent from the exhibitor(s) at exhibitor sessions.
  6. In principle, exhibition booths may not be photographed. This restriction does not apply if consent has been obtained from each exhibitor.
  7. There are no audio lines available at each venue.

IV. Other

  1. A press room will be set up during the event period.
    Period: September 30 (Sun) to October 3 (Wed), 2018 9:00-17:00
    Venue: Mezzanine Floor, Kobe International Exhibition Hall No. 1 building
    * Desks, chairs, and outlets will be available.
  2. Please return press IDs to the reception desk when you have concluded your coverage of the event. If you will be covering the event for all four days, please retain your press ID until the fourth day.
  3. The organizers, secretariat, or reception desk will not assist in coordinating appointments or schedules or mediate for the press for the purpose of interviewing researchers or other individual participants during the event period.
  4. Please set your mobile phones to silent mode or turn them off at the venue.
  5. Please send one copy of the newspaper if articles are posted/printed and one copy of recorded media if coverage is aired to the secretariat.


第31回国際電気自動車シンポジウム・展示会 & EV技術国際会議2018の取材をご希望の報道関係者には、事前にご登録いただき、予め下記の取材規定につきましてご了承いただける場合のみ、取材を許可させていただきます。






















第31回国際電気自動車シンポジウム・展示会 & EV技術国際会議2018事務局
〒102-0075 東京都千代田区三番町2
Tel :(03)3263-8695 Fax:(03)3263-8693 E-mail:


I. 総則

  1. プレス関係者は、当大会に関するあらゆる取材活動において、本規定の他、事務局の指示に従ってください。
  2. 本規定に定めたプログラム以外の取材は原則としてお断りいたします。
  3. 個別の取材に関しては、取材対象となる講師(発表者)に、事前に取材する旨の承諾を直接本人から得てください。
  4. 聴衆(参加者)への取材および撮影はお断りいたします。
  5. 取材においては、プログラムの進行を妨げないようにご協力をお願いいたします。
  6. 撮影された画像・動画・録音データを許可なく報道に関わる用途以外に利用したり、転載・放送等の二次利用することは禁止いたします。

II. 登録

  1. 参加費は無料です。
  2. プレス関係者は必ず事務局所定の登録手続きをとり、取材中は所定のプレス証および腕章を見えやすいようご着用ください。着用のない方の取材入場は固くお断りいたします。
  3. すべてのプログラムにおいてプレス登録をされていない方の取材行為は、お断りいたします。

Ⅲ. 撮影

  1. セッションの記録撮影・録画・録音は、原則としてお断りいたします。講師(発表者)の許可を得た場合にはこの限りではありません。また撮影・録画・録音を行う場合は座長にも許可を得ていただきます様お願いいたします。
  2. 講演中のストロボ、およびバッテリーライト等の使用はご遠慮ください。三脚等の使用に関しましては、各セッションスタッフにご確認ください。
  3. 個人の写真は、当事者の同意がある場合のみ可能です。
  4. 受付周辺、会場全景においては、自由に撮影していただいて結構です。
  5. 出展者セミナーにおいては、出展社の承諾を得てください。
  6. 展示ブースの撮影については、原則としてお断りいたします。各出展社の承諾を得た場合はこの限りではありません。
  7. 各会場に音声ラインのご用意はございません。

Ⅳ. その他

  1. 記者室を会期中に設けておりますのでご利用ください。
    期間:2018年9月30日(日)~10月3日(水) 9:00~17:00
  2. プレス証は取材終了時に受付にご返却ください。4日間に渡る取材の際は、4日目までお持ちになったままで結構です。
  3. 期間中、研究者、その他個人参加者への取材目的に関して、主催、運営事務局ならびに受付ではアポイントメントやスケジュールの調整、取材の仲介は一切行いません。
  4. 会場では携帯電話はマナーモードに設定していただくか、電源をお切りください。
  5. 記事が掲載された際は、掲載紙を1部、放映された場合には録画メディアを1部、下記運営事務局までお送りください。