The 31st International Electric Vehicles Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 31) & International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2018 (EVTeC 2018)

Program at-a-glance

Program at-a-glance(PDF)

* Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner will be held at Kobe Portopia Hotel.

Plenary Sessions * Simultaneous interpretation service (English-Japanese) is available.

These are special programs of EVS 31. These sessions can be attended by anyone holding a Registration Ticket(Delegates JPY 60,000/Students JPY 3,000) or Plenary Sessions Ticket(JPY 20,000). Tickets are available at

Opening Ceremony, Guest Speech, Welcome SpeechOct. 1(Mon)8:30-10:00

An opening declaration and address will be presented by the Chair of the Organizing Committee of EVS 31, the Mayor of Kobe, President of the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), President of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE), and President of the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI). Furthermore, in addition to a Guest Speech by an official of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, a Welcome Speech will also be presented by Honorary Professor C.C. Chan of the University of Hong Kong?a person who has given distinguished service to the dissemination of EV, and who is recognized as the father of EV in Asia.


Founder of WEVA
Vice President of EVAAP
Honorary Professor of
University of Hong Kong


Keynote Speech

Presentations by senior representatives from the top three Japanese automakers, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda, as well as from representatives from Asia, USA, and Europe

Oct. 1 (Mon)

Daniele Schillaci
Daniele Schillaci
Executive Vice President
Global Marketing and Sales,
Zero Emission Vehicle and
Battery Business, MC
Japan/A&O (Japan, Asia,
Oceania Business)
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Oct. 2 (Tue)

Petr Dolejsi
Petr Dolejší
Mobility & Sustainable Transport,
European Automobile
Manufacturers‘ Association (ACEA)


Oct. 2 (Tue)

Sharon Dijksma
Sharon Dijksma
Deputy Mayor
City of Amsterdam

Oct. 2 (Tue)

Toshihiro Mibe
Toshihiro Mibe
Executive Vice President and Director
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.


Oct. 3 (Wed)

Minggao Ouyang
Minggao Ouyang
Professor, Director of National
Laboratory of Automotive
Safety and Energy Tsinghua
Academician of the Chinese
Academy of Sciences


Oct. 3 (Wed)

Daniel Sperling
Daniel Sperling
University of California, Davis
Board Member
California Air Resources Board


Oct. 3 (Wed)

Shizuo Abe
Shizuo Abe
Executive General Manager
Toyota Motor Corporation


Panel Session

Presentations and discussions by senior developers from IT companies and experts from universities on the relationship between EVs and connected and smart societies.

1. What is meant by connected technologies that support a smart society?Oct. 1(Mon)18:20-19:30

Expert panelists in policy, automobiles and communications will engage in discussion about potential services that could be provided by EVs thanks to connected technologies.

Tsuguo Nobe
Moderator: Tsuguo Nobe

Business Development and
Government Policy
Intel K.K.
Visiting Associate Professor
Nagoya University

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan


Ken-ichi Murata
Ken-ichi Murata
Project General Manager – Connected Strategy, ITS & Connected Management Division, Connected Company, Toyota Motor Corporation


Masashi Usami
Masashi Usami
Administrative Officer, Executive Director of Technology Planning,Technology Sector KDDI Corporation


2. The future image of smart societies driven by EVsOct. 2(Tue)16:40-18:20

From their respective viewpoints of policy, automobiles, renewable energy, AI, logistics and European policy, panelists will comment on a mobility society of the future driven by the EV evolution.

Mayumi Matsumoto
Moderator: Mayumi Matsumoto

Visiting Associate Professor
The University of Tokyo


Hiroshi Ishikawa
Hiroshi Ishikawa
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan


Kenji Sato
Kenji Sato
Director for Vehicle use Adjustment, Environmental Policy Division, Road Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


Masaki Toriumi
Masaki Toriumi
Alliance Global Director,EV and HEV Engineering Division Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Fumitoshi Emura
Division Manager, Social Innovation Business Division, IoT Business Division, Hitachi, Ltd.


3. The future of energy supply technologies for EVsOct. 3(Wed)15:40-17:00

On the topic of power supply technologies for resolving the EV driving range problem, panelists will discuss wireless in-wheel motors, contact-type dynamic charge, high-power charging, and wireless initiatives in Korea.

Chris Mi
Moderator: Chris Mi

San Diego State University


Hiroshi Fujimoto
Hiroshi Fujimoto
Associate Professor The University of Tokyo


Seungyoung Ahn
Seungyoung Ahn
Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Takamitsu Tajima
Takamitsu Tajima
Chief Engineer, Department 1, Electric Vehicle Development Division, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center


Makoto Dave YOSHIDA
Makoto Dave YOSHIDA
Secretary General, CHAdeMO Association
General Manager, External and Government Affair Department, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Senior Manager, Global Government Affair Department, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Technical Sessions Technical Sessions

At technical sessions, researchers from universities or companies around the world will present scientific lectures on a variety of themes, such as EV-related technologies or smart society. (Jointly organized with EVTeC 2018 hosted by JSAE)
* Registration Ticket required


Special Session & Regular Session (Oral)

Time & Date:
 Oct. 1(Mon)10:30-12:30 / 13:20-15:20
 Oct. 2(Tue)10:30-12:30 / 14:20-16:20
 Oct. 3(Wed)10:30-12:30 / 13:20-15:20
Venue: 3rd, 4th and 5th floor, Conference Center

Dialogue Session (Poster)

Time & Date:
 Oct. 1(Mon)15:30-17:00
 Oct. 2(Tue)12:40-14:10
Venue: 2nd floor, Exhibition Hall 1

WEVA Journal WEVA Journal

Selected paper from EVS31 Technical Session will be invited to publish on World Electric Vehicle Journal free of charge for the authors.
For details, please refer to the WEVA Journal Site >>>

World Electric Vehicle Journal (ISSN 2032-6653) is the first peer-reviewed international journal about electric vehicles. It is the official journal of The World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) and it is published quarterly online by MDPI from Volume 9, Issue 1 (2018).

Presentation Guideline

Presentation Guidelines for Chairs

for Special / Regular (Oral) Session Chairpersons

・ Please be seated in the Chairperson’s seats located at the front right of your session room at least 10 minutes prior to your session starts.
・ Please receive the score sheets at the registration desk and grade the presentations of YIA awardee candidates. Score sheets should be handed to venue staff after the sessions.

for Dialogue (Poster) Session Chairpersons

・ Please stay at the front of your dialogue session poster panels at least 10 minutes prior to your session starts. 
・ Please receive the score sheets at the registration desk and grade the presentations of YIA awardee candidates. Score sheets should be handed to venue staff after the sessions.

Presentation Guidelines for Speakers

for Special / Regular (Oral) Session Presenters

Presentation guidelines

Official language of the symposium is English. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentation slides in English.
Each presentation has 20 minutes slot: 15 minutes for the speaker’s introduction and presentation, and 5 minutes for Q&A. Please make sure to keep the allotted time for presentation.
All speakers must bring their presentation data on a portable memory drive (i.e. USB memory stick) or your own PC with pre-installed your presentation data.
Presentation data must be checked if it works or not beforehand by the AV operator at your session room. Please be assured to come to the room at least 15 mins prior to your session starts. Follow the data check time frame shown below.

Session Data Check Time Frame
Speakers for A1-A7 9:40-10:10, Oct. 1
Speakers for B1-B7 12:30-13:00, Oct. 1
Speakers for C1-C7 9:40-10:10, Oct. 2
Speakers for D1-D7 13:30-14:00, Oct. 2
Speakers for E1-E7 9:40-10:10, Oct. 3
Speakers for F1-F7 12:30-13:00, Oct. 3
Presentation with your own PC

Presenters can bring their own PC for presentation. Please provide it to the AV operator at the operation desk in your session room. If the presentation file is prepared with Macintosh, please bring your own computer to present.
Please bring your presentation data in USB or CD-R for back up.
Please make sure to bring your AC adapter with you. 
The following types of connectors are prepared (left: D-sub 15 pin/right: HDMI). Please bring your own adapter if your PC does not have an output port for these types.
The resolution of the LCD projector is XGA (1024 x 768). If your computer requires a resolution setting to be changed, please change this setting beforehand.

Presentation with the secretariat PC

Presentation data must be provided to the AV operator in your session room. The secretariat’s PC is pre-equipped with OS Microsoft 10 with PowerPoint 2013 / 2016.
Please follow the below rule to name your presentation file:
i.e. if John Smith is the first speaker in session A1, the file should be named: A1-1_SmithJ.pptx.
If your presentation data is linked to other files (i.e. still or movie files, graphs, etc.), those linked files should also be stored in the same folder, and the links to be checked beforehand.
If your presentation contains movie files, please embed the movie file into the PowerPoint file. Make sure that you check the operation of the movie image beforehand. DVD players or Video Decks are not prepared by the secretariat.

During Your Presentation

You have a TFT monitor, mouse and USB keyboard on the podium to operate your presentation.
There will be an electronic timer at the podium. A yellow light will come on when you have one minutes remaining for your talk, and at that time you should wind-up your presentation. When the red light comes on the Session Chair will proceed to accept questions from the audience.

After Your Presentation

If you bring your own laptop PC, the AV operator will return your computer at the operation desk. Please come to the operation desk promptly to collect it.
All presentation files are deleted at the end of the conference by Secretariat.

for Dialogue (Poster) Session Presenters

The dialogue presentations are poster-based sessions intended to be an efficient visual presentation for specialist technical scientific papers. They offer an interactive forum for expert discussion, demonstration of results and networking with fellow intellectuals from worldwide.


Poster size
A0 (A zero) portrait format (H1189mm x W841mm)
Poster panel size
(H2100mm x W900mm) *see above image
* Poster numbers will be provided by the Secretariat.
* You may include Title, Name and Affiliation in your poster, instead of preparing a separate sheet for Title, Name and Affiliation.
A limited number of suitable pins will be provided, free of charge.
Poster(s) is/are should be prepared in English.


The title should be the same as in the submitted final manuscript.
At the top of the poster include the title of the presentation, the name of the authors and the institution where the work was completed.


48 point is suggested – 60 point maximum.
Title Case Headings such as “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results”, “Discussions” and “Conclusions” are useful.


The poster should be easily readable from a distance of one meter. Avoid the use of all-capital text as it is difficult to read. Use 24-28 point 32 maximum.
The text should be brief throughout.
Any description of methods should be simple and concise.
The message that your poster contains should be clear and understandable without the requirement of oral explanation. Methods should be presented simply and concisely.
Do not crowd your poster with text – include photos, graphs, text and white space.


Poster Presentations are a free discussion style. Each presenter(s) need(s) to stand by their poster(s) 10 minutes prior to the allocated discussion time. Please remain near the poster until the designated time is over. Participants will be free to view the posters and to discuss with presenters during the allocated time.


2nd floor, Kobe International Exhibition Hall 1

Session Set up Presentation Removal
DS1-DS5 by 15:00
Monday, Oct. 1
15:30 – 17:00, Monday, Oct. 1 by 18:00
Tuesday, Oct.2
DS6-DS11 by 12:00
Tuesday, Oct. 2
12:40 – 14:10, Tuesday, Oct. 2

Posters not removed by 18:00 Tuesday, Oct. 2 will be discarded by Secretariat.

Exhibitor Seminars* Free Admission

Seminars will be held on the days of the exhibition, where participants can hear the latest information on EVs.


Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Building 1, 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall

Date Time Company name Presentation Title
Oct.1 11:00-11:30 DAIHEN Corporation About the development for EV chargeing infrastructure
Oct.1 11:45-12:15 WAFIOS AG Flexible production solutions for bus bars, conductors and copper hairpins
Oct.1 12:30-13:00 SUMITOMO RUBBER INDUSTRIES, LTD. Tire Sensing Technology to support safety for future mobile society
Oct.1 13:15-13:45 FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Introduction of electric field resonance type wireless power transmission technology
Oct.1 14:00-14:30 Höganäs Japan K.K. A Compact and Lighter Electric Motor is More Effective Regarding Performance and Production
Oct.1 14:45-15:15 HARTING K.K. HARTING EV Charging Connector – Its Supporting Standars and Product Portfolio
Oct.1 15:30-16:00 Daicel-Evonik Ltd. Thermoplastic cooling line solutions for EV
Oct.1 16:15-16:45 Integral Geometry Science Inc.
/ Kobe Univ.
Visualization of electric current distribution inside rechargeable battery
– Next Generation Nondestructive Image Diagnostic Technique for Automotive Rec hargeable Batteries –
Date Time Company name Presentation Title
Oct.2 11:00-11:30 eKontrol Drive Technology Co.,Ltd New energy Commercial Vehicle Electrification Solution of China Ekontrol Drive to Match Market Needs in future
Oct.2 11:45-12:15 HORIBA, Ltd.
The development of electric powertrain systems to maximise efficiency and increase electric range
Oct.2 14:00-14:30 Keysight Technologies Japan K.K. New proposal of HILS integrated e-PowerTrain and battery system evaluation
Oct.2 14:45-15:15 Daicel-Evonik Ltd. PEEK applications in Hybrid and Fullelectric vehicles
Oct.2 15:30-16:00 KOBE STEEL GROUP/
Introduction of Design Support Technology to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Development
Oct.2 16:15-16:45 British Embassy Tokyo On opportunities and attractiveness of UK Automotive Sector